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v2cig review

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that’s only one of very many comparisons between the V2 cig and a traditional cigarette! “Less expensive” means you will save roughly 50%-75% less on the V2 cig. Now that’s savings! You’ll be saving thousands of dollars by starting to smoke e-cigs as opposed to the traditional smokes, so start investing that money elsewhere.

v2cig review


The V2 e-cigarettes Ultimate Starter Kit comes in a intense box, dressed in their suave blue, grey and white stamp. It’s brawny with its magnetic clasp, typical to most e-cig packaging. This magnetic clasp keeps the lid at a secure closed even in the bumpiest of transits. It is perfectly labeled “Your Life. Version 2.0” next to their logo sitting right on top of the box. Inside the box lives the three batteries, which are sturdily cuddled in its space by a felt-covered plastic molded to its exact shape. Underneath is the variety of accessories neatly compartmentalized.

v2cig review

The e-cigarettes are all two-pieced much like the overall cartomizer style of cartridges shared throughout the e-cig industry. The “KR-808D1 threading” means that V2 Cigs intermingles with many brands. One of which is Vapor4Life. V2 cigs style of cigarette is not typical of the traditional look that most e-cigs resemble. Instead, they offer a debonair chrome, effervescent blue and black/white appearance. It has a durable construction and unique branding is shown off  on both the cartridges and the battery.

A fun, new wave, non-conventional addition to smoking is the LED tip which lights up with your every inhale. A super cool feature is one that prevents you from consuming too much nicotine at once causing the e-cig auto-shutting itself off when three lights blink just as you take a 10+ second drag. This would be a very rare occurrence as taking that long of an inhale is not typical, but one that is in place for simple protection. It’s a temporary shut off system, pretty much a warning that you’re inhaling at too long of a length of time causing potential health problems. I love that they thought of this!


The V2 cig, like most e-cigs, are smoke-free, ash-free, tar-free, carbon monoxide free, stink free and stain free. They offer a variety of nicotine levels per flavor — some as low as 0% nicotine! You will also be permitted to smoke these in public places unlike the traditional cigarette, so no need to “step outside for a smoke” or suffer through indoor events. It’s a way better alternative to the traditional cigarette by also providing nicotine that most smokers crave, but at much lower levels or even NONE at all. The brands that offer the zero percent nicotine level are all right in my book!

V2 and Zig-Zag™ Flavor Cartridges, Premium E-Liquid and Disposables are among the different types of categories that the flavor cartridges are offered. There are twenty plus plentiful vapor flavors to pick from and they are only available from V2 Cigs, unlike other brands which share their e-liquid manufacturing. V2 e-liquid is made up of a combination of nicotine and numerous food flavorings in a propylene glycol base, also often used in fog machines, asthma inhalers, food and toothpaste. Fruits, nuts and baked goods are also culminated to formulate V2s flavor ingredients.

V2 Cigs cartridge, Zero, Light (6mg), Medium (12mg), Full (18mg) and Strong (24mg) are the five options offered in nicotine levels. Ease your way from nicotine dependence by gradually weaning yourself off from a higher level to the lesser…maybe even hitting zero percent nicotine! No pressure as this is designed for your own customization and comfort level.

v2cig review


Who doesn’t want to help our environment? Not only for the sake of smoke and toxins permeating your lungs, air and innocent people around you who were’t looking for a smoke in the first place, but our landfills have been growing at a rapid pace due to cigarette butts.

The vapor is a thick, smokey cloud almost identical to the traditional cig!


E-cig batteries include V2 Shorty Cig, V2 Standard Cig, V2 Long Cig and V2 EX Battery. Another self-customizing feature — choose your favorite color, length and type of battery by picking from either clean white, strong stainless steel or brilliant blue. The estimated puffs per electronic cigarette battery is a feature that I have yet to come across with any other brand!

v2cig review

Overall on the V2

To say that is a highly informative website is not doing it justice! The V2 cig website literally builds your entire starter kit for you as you choose your favorite colors, flavors, sizes and nicotine strength. There are combo deals specifically created for what would appear to be your interests, tastes and particular likings. Don’t miss out on the combo deals made specifically to improve upon your order at check out. V2 also offers a ship-time estimate for your products, so no more guess work on arrival time. They provide free domestic shipping on orders $50+. Also, offered is a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warrantee. V2 cigs also offers a rewards program called ‘vape4free’ where you earn points for subscribing to their newsletter, make purchases, give referrals and write a review.

Their site provides explanations and descriptions on how the V2 cig functions. There are also links to forums, blogs, facebook, twitter, pinterest and  youtube. V2 Cigs are so highly sought after that they now service North and South America, Eastern Asia, Australia, Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East, India, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

v2cig review

V2 cigs customer service is top of the line as it provides all viable avenues to connect with them if and when you have any questions.

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, V2 cigs are offering great holiday deals! Need a secret santa gift or stocking stuffer for someone you know that either still smokes the old school cig or has a newly piqued interest in e-cigs — check out their very reasonable, festive gifts (while offering a smarter alternative to smoking) or, better yet, TREAT YOURSELF! They even offer holiday flavors. Some of these holiday packages offered include super cool and practical carrying cases. V2 cigs will not only gift you a happy holidays, but a healthier one at that! READ MORE +

EverSmoke Ecig Review


$49.99 $55.00

Full EverSmoke Ecig Review

The ever smart EverSmoke electronic cigarette is a modern-day, safe version to the previously popular, tobacco smokes. EverSmoke provides you with a hi-tech nicotine hit without the harmful tobacco additives.

The EverSmoke e-cigarette is the perfect avenue when seeking a cleaner, smarter, healthier, more economical alternative to traditional cigarettes.  It’s no surprise that the traditional cigarette has decreased in popularity since the rapid increase of tobacco-causing health issues as well as their increase in price point, of course. They’re so eager to make their customers happy that they give $10 right off the bat just for subscribing to their emails! It doesn’t end there! Get another 20% off with your FIRST starter kit by immediately enrolling as a Member! They have 5 starter kits to choose from. This includes a “couples starter” at almost half off.  I have yet to see the “couples starter.” Your Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start enjoying your new smokeless cigarettes. Items differ depending on the kit, but a good example of your typical kit includes: 1 EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Lithium Ion Long Battery (Extra Capacity); 1 EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Lithium Ion Short Battery (Standard Capacity); 1 EverSmoke Charging Pack (holds 5 cartridges and keeps your batteries charged on-the-go); 1 Portable Wall Charger; 1 USB Charger (allows you to charge from any computer USB port); 1 Car Charging Adapter; 1 Carrying Case (Black); 15 Nicotine Cartridges – Equals 15 Packs of Cigarettes (your choice of flavor & strength); 1 Owner’s Manual. Their website goes on to explain how to set up and use your smokeless cigs.

eversmoke ecig review

EverSmoke is Florida-based and founded in 2010. EverSmoke is proud of its US-based assembly and testing. They are made by the same folks over at South Beach Smoke. The main difference between the EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke is their appearance. South Beach fancies the same look of the tobacco-like style cigarette while EverSmoke appears more new age and technical. EverSmoke is obviously the more modern-looking brand, with its orange, LED, crystal tip that eliminates with each puff. This special light also signals when your battery needs recharging. Sophisticated and practical. Some new e-cigarette smokers might be dissuaded by the unique look, but you’ll grow to assimilate to the different types of e-cigs and their appearances the more you frequently enjoy e-cigarettes. There are many parts that interchange among brands so as you learn what you like, you’ll soon be building a vaping device that is custom-made for you and quite possibly has a few different parts made by a number of different brands.

Packaging — Don’t judge a book (in this case, a box) by its cover

eversmoke ecig reviewsThe EverSmoke Basic kit comes in a crisp white box — compact, magnetically closing box, like the majority of brands you’ll most likely encounter. It’s clean in its white color with the “o” logo and curls of lime green smoke formulating as the primary design on this no-nonsense box. You’ll find the batteries are resting in the felt-lined foam of the top layer with easy access for you to retrieve them from its package. The chargers, manual, cartridges and beneficial membership are also found in the underbelly of the package. The member card kindly reminds their customers that they are vaping, not smoking.

The batteries have the EverSmoke logo towards the top. This gives emphasis to the jet-set design. Ever Smoke has a silicon tip on their cartridges preventing leakage. This is commonplace almost all e-cigarettes, howerver, it’s rare you’d find this problem with EverSmoke’s cartridges.

Flavor — Choices go on forEVER, hence the name EVERsmoke

EverSmoke continues to keep itself in great company as their e-liquids are provided by VaporFi, another top brand in the e-cig industry. You can find a link on the EverSmoke website that leads you to VaporFi where you’ll find the hands-down best combination of e-flavors on the market to date!

Vapor — Clouds of glory

EverSmoke e-cigarette cartridges are developed with their exclusive VaporFlo™ technology. This establishes a flawless inhale which ultimately yields superlative vapor. VaporFlo™ is solely found with EverSmoke. The dense vapor and paramount throat hit ends up being the perfect storm of delight. EverSmoke accomplishes a clear cut, healthier way to smoke while excluding the pain or dryness that is sometimes delivered when smoking traditional cigarettes. The cooler temperature will obviously and unapologetically give you an otherwise feeling on your throat without taking away from your vapor amount.

Battery — longest-lasting on the market

EverSmoke electronic cigarette batteries are the longer lasting lithium-polymer batteries on the market.  This battery is designed for utmost vapor and performance, and they’ve achieved their goals — and then some! They come in either manual or automatic and are also available in a variety of sizes and colors — black, white and stainless steel. The automatic batteries might need a some preliminary puffs before getting it to its full capacity.

An exclusive feature to EverSmoke is that its atomizer is built into the cartridge. This was a brilliant invention when thinking through the design in how it could maximize vapor and entrust that you get a fresh atomizer with each new EverSmoke electronic cigarette cartridge. Fully charge the batteries before using your EverSmoke e-cigarette by simply screwing the battery onto the USB Charger/Adapter. You may then plug that USB adapter into your computer’s USB port or plug it into the Portable Wall Charger that came with your starter kit. They provide a very thorough and easy-to-read owner’s manual, which is especially helpful when seeking effective charging directions. Generally, EverSmoke cartridges is similarly supplied to one pack of traditional cigarettes. This is pending on each person’s smoking behaviors and battery type.

Each electronic cigarette cartridge is filled with pure e-liquid consisting of your flavor of choice and at varying nicotine levels in which you get to choose.

Overall — We got a winner!

The EverSmoke e-cig is one of the best options you’ll find on the market! Customer care provides a (snail) mail address, phone # and e-mail addresses in order to connect with assistance.

They offer their EverSmoke Home Deliver Members a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. This is yet one more reason why EverSmoke is among the most trusted brands on the e-cig market. If anything happens to your EverSmoke products while you are a standing current member, they don’t deviate from their word in that they will replace the item free of charge, aside from possible shipping/handling fees.

Above and beyond The Lifetime Replacement Warranty on all products, MEMBERS benefits include also include the following: 20% off of all cartridge refills; Special discounts and sales; Timely monthly deliveries and their commitment that you will receive your proper supply of cartridges at the convenience of your own home. READ MORE +

South Beach Smoke Review

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$54.00 $59.99

You envision a colorful, full variety, modern, user-friendly product when it’s called South Beach Smoke…and that’s exactly what you get — AND MORE!

South Beach Smoke has been working vigorously on setting the bar high in the e-cig standards since 2010 and illuminating their way through the industry with its glowing orange crystal tip. In doing so, they’ve been featured in The New York Post; Mtv; OK Weekly and In Touch Magazine.

COOL Packaging

south beach smoke reviewSouth Beach Smoke opts for a smart, finished and no-nonsense packaging style with its black bon and bright orange features. They sport the typical magnetic clasp. South Beach Smoke e-cigarette looks very much like a traditional tobacco cigarette in that it has the tan mouth piece with a white body. It’s a pure facade as the perfectly hidden sensor is at the silicone tip where you inhale while the flavor cartridge / atomizer lives in the tan part of that 1″ tip behind the sensor. Five starter kits are offered to get you off to a running start. The Microprocessor is just past that point where the white begins. The battery is inside the white of the e-cig. The orange crystal tip is the neatest part as it illuminates with every inhale letting you know you’re not in Kansas anymore. South Beach Smoke electronic vaporizer is a sleek, state of the art device and considered to be the next big thing to the e-cigarette. They, too, come in five starter kits with a variety of deep colors or pastels. The abundance of customization in the vaporizers are hidden treasures! Of course, childproof bottles are key and provided for all the babes on the loose.

Flavor Favorites

US-made ONLY cartridges, flavors and ingredients. Interestingly enough, South Beach Smoke joined forces with the other top e-cig industry leader, VaporFi, to come up with the best flavors from the highest grade ingredients providing optimal vapor. You should expect nothing but the most ferocious flavor, thorough and potent vapor production and sublime throat hits with South Beach Smoke! Knowing that South Beach Smoke and VaporFi are in cahoots, it’s not surprising that South Beach Smoke ALSO offers 30,000 different flavor combinations to suit ANYONE and EVERYONE’s fancy. Pick from any one of tobaccos, menthols, sweet desserts and tropical fruits. South Beach Smoke e-liquids are carefully made up of Kosher grade ingredients, top-rated glycerin, and brought from the Malaysian Palm to avoid ANY peanut allergies for their cautious customers. South Beach Smoke is also an FDA-registerd Laboratory as its registered with the FDA as a a tobacco manufacturer, but we all know there’s no traces of tobacco in these puppies. Their ingredient formulas are all registered with the FDA…because they’ve got nothing to hide.


South Beach Vapor is as smooth as the South Florida sand. Consistent vapor and cumulous cloud effect when taking a puff. It is probably suggested to take a few puffs in order to prep the automatic batteries. Just one will do the trick. You’ll find that the vapor is very similar to a tobacco cigarette! Get the most of your vaping experience with South Beach’s wide array of delectable flavors. Name a flavor and they have it OR you have the ability and control to create your very own concoction! Choose from tobacco, menthol, dessert, fruit…from peppermint bark or grandma’s apple pie to tobaccolicious or exotic cuban mojito!

Battery Power at its best!

south beach smoke reviewThe up to date lithium ion battery and charger system is what South Beach Smoke uses to operate their e-cigs and vaporizers. They can not be interchanged with other lithium ion batteries or chargers. They use 4.2 volts while most others come in at about 3.7, which is where the fantastic vapor production comes from, and it lasts for at least a full day. This is true to approximately 500 puffs. The High Capacity option may be a compact battery, but it is very eager to create the perfect vapor and it succeeds!

The Standard length battery is not as long-lasting, though all you need is your back-up ready to go for the evening…and you’ll be all set! This could give you roughly 300 to 400 puffs. The charger comes in a USB, no wire, form and offers a multicolored LED light to notify you of when it’s fully charged. The SuperMAX come styling with a wall-charger.


It’s hard to pass up the South Beach Smoke, and you’d be wise not to pass up this beauty. They take their 30-day money back guarantee very seriously. They also offer a Lifetime Warranty. Not many brands would offer that if they didn’t feel confident that they were providing top ingredients and materials for their customers.

Get $10 just for being added to their mailing list. Get 20% off cartridges and 10% e-liquid once becoming a member. The SoBe Rewards Program offers 1 point for every dollar spent. Earn 200 points by spending $200 and get $20!

Purchase your first South Beach Starter Kit and get 25% off starter kits TODAY! READ MORE +

VaporFi Review

-12%Editor's choiceVaporFi Review

$29.99 $34.00

VaporFi, formerly VaporZone, is an owned subsidiary of International Vapor Group, Inc.

The VaporFi brand is carried in stores and their website, VaporFi has years of experience under their belt and they happen to have a team of pioneers that bring an edge to the brand that their competitors do not. When it comes to electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers, VaporFi’s mission is to set itself apart from the rest…and they succeed!

VaporFi created 6 innovative lines of e-cigarette vaporizers: VaporFi Express™, VaporFi Air™, VaporFi Jet™, VaporFi Pro™, VaporFi Pulse™, and, last but not least, they are most enthusiastic about introducing this product to the electronic cigarette market, the VaporFi Rebel™. The Rebel is pretty much just as it says it is as it was made for true e-cig connoisseurs who desire the ultimate vaping experience. The Rebel is nothing short of a gift to the e-cig marketplace! It is created to provide more options than any other brand out there. YOU get to choose what type of cartomizer, tanks, flavors, battery sizes, etc you want. It also allows for the utmost control by specifically designing a way to capture your very own vapor production. It’s as if you’re in the factory creating the perfect device custom-made for you!  The Rebel was put together with only the best type of stainless steel. Though, VaporFi offers a 30-day warranty, you are not going to want to part with any one of their products.

vaporfi review


Child safe is a key factor for VaporFi so you’ll find safety seals on the non-glitzy items. The labeling is more clinical than fancy because they merely have nothing to cover up. The glitz is evident in the product. VaporFi offers 6 different, fully efficient electronic cigarette starter kits. Each one is prepared in an environmental-friendly cardboard box tailored to its size and design. The packaging is similar to how your technological devices are packaged. Microfoam tray contains the battery or batteries and one cartomizer. Below that layer includes either 1 or 2 boxes with the charging equipment, replacement atomizer heads and instruction manual.

vaporfi review


Allow VaporFi‘s VAPETENDER™  create your special e-liquid blend!!! Only American-Made e-liquid would VaporFi ever create and distribute! Their liquid base is comprised of “USP Grade Kosher” materials. They’re even Kosher! Their glycerin is brought from Malaysian palm so it is free of peanuts along with it being diacetyl-free. The take the following notion extremely seriously —  e-juice goes past the borders of food as this is designed to be inhaled into our bodies!  VaporFi offers a vast array of flavor options is not doing it a service…because they offer 30,000 different flavor combinations!!! NOW THAT IS A VARIETY!!! The power of flavor and nicotine level is left in your hands. Select one, two or three flavors, or make it double shots, to concoct your very own vaping experience. There are 6 nicotine concentrations to choose from ranging 0% to 3.6%. It is your right to choose from a high quality product.

vaporfi review


Vapor Production is key and VaporFi has nailed it! Vaping is done with products that appear similarly to traditional cigarettes except you get nicotine at varying levels (even as low as zero), throat hit, vapor, flavor and battery life that is not only remarkable but also ever-lasting. VaporFi allows YOU to create your perfect puff!


VaporFi has 10 different battery types to choose from! 1)  The Pro 1000 mAh Variable Battery gives you control and intensity for a tailored vaping experience. 2) The VaporFi™ Pro Battery (650 mAh)
VaporZone™ Pro Battery (650 mAh) is more compact yet still high-powered! 3) VaporFi™ Pro Battery (1000 mAh) is turbo-charged making it one of the strongest out there. 4) VaporFi™ Rocket Variable Battery is named as such due to its power and nobility of a rocket! 5) VaporFi™ Air Battery may be on the smaller side, but still does the job more the sufficiently, and due to its size – fit it in your pocket when you’re on the go. 6) VaporFi™ Jet Battery rides as fast and strong as jet engine and offers a bunch of great features. 7) VaporFi™ Pulse Battery (650 mAh) has a digital display!!! This displays allows you to see your puff count and battery power — you have the ultimate control, you never have to question when you need to recharge. 8) VaporFi™ Rebel High-Capacity, as previously mentioned (BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME!) offers optimum power, control and efficiency. 9) VaporFi™ Rebel Standard-Capacity Battery is quite similar to the Rebel, little power engines, except a bit slighter. AND 10)
VaporFi™ High-Capacity 30A 2100mah Battery also gives an abundance of power making this VOX 50 battery a top performer!

You really can’t go wrong with any of these battery options. They seem to give a full day, at minimum, of use before  recharging. Although, the Express Kit offers no more than 280mAh, it still includes two batteries. This way, you simply charge while the other’s in use. With frequent use — batteries, atomizers, and cartridges will degrade so expect to replace parts and add this to your e-cig budget as this is an average expense when using any electronic cigarette — aside from disposables, of course, which need to be replaced more often.

Batteries that give off the highest draining components come with a microprocessor capable of the highest level of voltage and power.

vaporfi review



Customer support is offered by phone hotline Monday – Friday as well as email. Online chat doesn’t seem to be an option, however, seemingly very attentive to each and every one of their customers. Loyalty is important to VaporFi and they treat their customers as such.

Incentives are offered to ALL VaporFi customers! You are automatically enrolled in the Vapor Rewards Zone program once you become a VaporFi customer. Spend 1 dollar and then you earn 1 point. When you earn 200 points, you will receive a $20 credit towards any VaporFi product.

They not only want their products to go a long way, but also your penny book! READ MORE +

Vapor4Life Review

-23%Editor's choicevape4life review

$49.95 $64.95

Vapor4Life is based in Illinois and is one of the top technological leaders in the vaping industry.

Vapor4Life has been producing a better alternative to tobacco for over 5-years. After much research and testing, V4L is now launching its new retail brand, WOW VAPOR®, in early 2015. This brand will bring the most advanced vapor delivery system to retail market. These will also contain a zero-nicotine option, a primary mission from the V4L family is to provide a safer version to traditional smoking.

Crisp styled packaging

The starter kits bring on a smart appearance. First, The Vapor Titan Starter Kit brand itself with Vapor Titan logo and backed in clean white, green and blue tones — giving it a clean sense of itself. The box opens and closes with magnetic buttons, sporting a soft-lined interior. The e-cig screws directly into the wall charger, as opposed to a USB adapter. The charger appears benign while some other brands bling up their packaging only to cover up some flaws. V4L now sells a cool, new carrying case!

The Vapor4Life Vapor Titan Starter Kit comes complete with a modern design as the exterior of the batteries is coated with a soft rubber, which makes it welcoming to the touch. These are offered in a wide-range of styles. The tip is a plastic faux-diamond, which some people are big fans of. They offer an option that doesn’t light up when you inhale, the Stealth tip. Vapor4Life vape kits are specifically made to be user-friendly enough for the first timer while  strong enough for seasoned veterans.

You get to choose from plenty of different smileomizers and they do just what it says it does — brings a smile to your face. This is the mouthpiece for your vaporizer with has a soft tip that makes it easy to hold in your mouth. The Smileomizer was built with pristine stainless steel and surgical grade silicon. It has a vertical coil that produces clouds of vapor. The small Smileomizer holds 3.5ml of e-liquid and the large holds 6ml. It can be refilled 12 or more times and is recyclable. GO GREEN!

vapor4life review

Vast variety of flavors

Many brands try very hard to create a line of diversified flavors as well as varying levels of nicotine strength.  Vapor4Life’s Premium and Ultimate Vaping Kits both come with a bottle of e-liquid where you can choose from 12 flavors: Traditional Tobacco, Traditional Menthol, Peppermint, Coffee, CinnaBlaze, Grape, Blueberry, Watermelon, Vanilla, Waffle, Kiwi Apple Strawberry, or Red Energy. These flavors are available in:
7 nicotine strengths — ranging from 0 to 36mg of nicotine: Smooth (WOW) flavors; Bold (Premium) flavors; 30mL e Liquid bottles; 5-pack cartomizers.  All of V4L e-liquids and e-cig cartomizers are produced in the strictest of  manufacturing standards and their e-iquids include 4 harmless ingredients: Vapor producing agent; propylene glycol; Vapor producing agent vegetable glycerin; Food-grade flavoring; Nicotine as an optional ingredient. Compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes in which produce over 7,000 chemicals — yikes!!! That’s quite a comparison!

vapor4life review


The masterminds behind Vapor4Life took this endeavor seriously. They were out to get the best vaping experience FOR THEMSELVES and they got it! From small drags to blowing vapor rings. Typically, the bigger the battery the better the vapor, and this rings true in V4L’s case. Generally, when you’re vaping you want your vaporizer to produce a lot of vapor to really get that most optimal smoking experience. The Vapor Zeus contains micro-processor technology that adjusts heat and power to more than 2,000 times per second. This maintains a nice, steady puff.


Battery power

Vapor4Life simplifies vaping with their diversified and varying options in battery power! While most of V4L’s competitors hit their limits at 4.2 volts, the Vapor Zeus batteries offer up to 5 volts of vaping power — no buttons or clicks. For those who yearn for more personalized options, they offer two more variations on the powerful Vapor Zeus. One is the Dual Mode model located right on the battery for ease access. This Dual Mode lets the user switch between automatic power to manual control. Then, there’s the Dial-A-Volt. Some may say that e-liquids taste better at different voltages, so the Dial-A-Volt lets the user go back and forth between 3.2v to 4.8v. Up to you!

vapor4life reviewVapor Zeus battery comes in three sizes – small, medium and extra large. Depending on how much you vape determines which size you choose. Zeus is offered in its Standard, Premium and Ultimate Vaping Kits — also purchased separately.  The Small Vapor Zeus batteries work well for light vapers and, therefore, small Smileomizers fit small Vapor Zeus batteries.

Medium size batteries last about 12 hours and are perfect for people who are between light and heavy vapers.  Extra Large vaping batteries last roughly 20 hours before needing to be recharged. The Vapor Zeus battery is manufactured with the top of the line quality materials. You’ll save money by not having to constantly buy more batteries. Plug it in through the USB port with a charging cable connected to a power source or wall adapter or use a wall charger screwed onto the connector threading where the cartomizer attaches. The USB charging cable allows you to charge your battery while using it making it super convenient for those working in an office or driving…plug it straight into your computer or car battery port.

You can even pick out which color you’d like to see Vapor Zeus batteries by choosing from blue, black, cigar, green or magenta. You can mix and match the Smileomizer tip with your Vapor Zeus battery specific to your fashion sense.


Vapor4Life offers standard Customer Care, Monday through Friday at 10 hours a day and via 3 different emails — sales, press and customer support. No online chat offered.

They offer a 30 day, full money back guarantee. Hardware may be returned within 30 days for a refund or exchange assuming these items are in good condition. Shipping charges are not refunded. Make sure you have your Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA), otherwise returned to sender (bummer!). Refunds and exchanges can be conducted by filling out a support ticket and request an RMA number or by calling (844) VAPE-4-LIFE. There is also a 90 day warranty except for clearance items. You have 20 days to process the return or your account may be charged for the full cost. Last but not least, you’ll receive a 1-year warranty including Vapor Zeus and Dial-A-Volt batteries.

No refunds on e-liquid or any type of cartomizer including blank, pre-filled or tank cartomizers, smileomizers, tanks or EGO Mega Carts. Return shipping charges are your responsibility and, as typical to V4L, customers MUST provide their order number to make any claim. READ MORE +

White Cloud E Cig Review.

-20%Editor's choicewhite cloud electronic cigarette review

$39.95 $49.95

On top of the world with White Cloud!

White Cloud has been a top distributor in the e-cig world since 2008.

White Cloud Cirrus 2 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

When it comes to packaging…LESS IS MORE!

White Cloud Fling e-cigs are not fancy. There’s no need to be as their delivery proves solid and does not need to be covered up or distracted by elaborate packaging. They are individually wrapped in a small blue mylar bag for easy accessibility and view. White Cloud’s disposables are available in 19 flavors! They each have their own labeling system by color underside of the outer lay wrapping. The back offers general information, instructions, ingredients, and a very useful nicotine contents description — noting strength. The tip glows orange letting you know its working as you inhale.

A plethora of exotic flavors

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes offers the staple flavors, all of which made from ingredients found on American soil — such as tobacco and menthol. However, they also offer more than 20 other options, ranging from hearty espresso to the tropical taste of banana. To name a few more — they offer guava, vanilla, cherry and even clove for those old school smokers! They are constantly working on new flavors. White Cloud only uses superior ingredients to stir up their perfect splendor of their 20+ flavors. All of which cover 6 different nicotine strengths. White Cloud offers almost more than double the strength at 5.4% than most other brands. They stand by their legendary ClearDraw2 cartridges which hold 1mL of 100% e-liquid, American-made, for a more efficient inhalation than other well known brands.

white cloud cigarettes review

Vaping it up

The beauty behind the white cloud is its puffy, white clouds (literally) created from the vapor mist giving their batteries the clever name, Cirrus, because the mist resembles those of the cirrus cloud. This cloud is the result of a full service vaping experience allowing you to catch a nicotine fix…or not. The nicotine levels range from Double, Extra Extra, Full, Light, Ultra-Light and Nicotine-Free.

white cloud cigarettes review

Cirrus battery…the gift that keeps on giving

white cloud cigarettes reviewsWhite Cloud Electronic Cigarettes  offers three different versions of batteries, all of which come in a nice variety in sizes, styles, colors, charge time, and more. Get a Cirrus Starter Kit for everyday use which includes 3 battery sizes and 3 battery colors; 4 ash tip varieties; 5-pack of ClearDraw2 cartridges (any flavor and strength); 1 USB charger. While the Fling disposable e-cigs are perfect for when you are on the run…these include 20+ flavors and 6 nicotine strengths; long-lasting flavor and high vapor quality; and a 1-piece, maintenance-free design. Smoking is typically expensive and it’s most certainly not getting any less expensive as time passes, so you’re doing yourself a service by starting out with the White Cloud starter kits. Their disposable e-cigarettes allow you to use ClearDraw2 e-cig cartridges giving you more liquid, so it’s safe to start out on a low budget with White Cloud. You can get a disposable pack that include 5, 10, 25 or 100 e-cigs.


Stink much?…NO MORE! No need to get kicked outside for a smoke. Even better, no need to stink up the place after taking smoke. No more stink eye from the non-smokers with glares that can strike through you heart. Cut the sh…enanigans — NO more harsh chemicals while sustaining the smoking experience! What’s right for you…OPTIONS are always great! They even offer hip carrying cases and cool-looking skins.

Customer service, press talk and an unbeatable warranty serves their consumers at a level of royalty!

White Cloud has your average customer care program that offers a phone hotline 5 days a week from 9a – 5p as well as an email option. YahooFinance, PR Newswire and CNBC are just a few world-renowed news magazines that have praised White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes on more than one occasion. Check out their articles:

White Cloud is also a huge advocate for preventing underage purchases and identity fraud. This highly acclaimed company offers a 6-month warranty, and a full 30-day money back guarantee (shipping costs not included) from the date of purchase to validate what we already believe as this company to be one of the top-rated. READ MORE +