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You’ll find a glowing blue tip standard on all Blu Cigs. Their trademark blue glow lights up with each inhale reminding you that your smoking the sleekest e-cigarette on the market. A good signal to let you know your Blu Cig needs recharging is when its blue light flashes. However, these state of the art vaping pen include lithium-polymer batteries which provide more than enough inhales before the recharge signal stars to flash. It has an atomizer that is actually built into the blu tank system (cartridge), which was created to strengthen your vaping experience. If you’re gonna’ do it, you gotta’ do it right!

These e-cigs are also similar in size to the traditional tobacco cigarette, so you still feel like you’re “smoking,” but with something way cooler.

Basically, what occurs when smoking a Blu Cig involves heating of the liquid instead of burning paper or tobacco. Drawing on the vape pen activates the battery, which then heats the liquid. Then, the liquid is converted to vapor which you end up inhaling, excluding the old school smoke that you would get with the traditional cigarette.

blu cig

Any of you commitment-phobic?

If so, try the Blu Cig disposables. For those of you who like to stay true to one brand, check out the rechargeable options. These sleek-looking electronic cigarettes also provide your choice of charge — either use your wall charger, USB or car charger!

The unique and flavorful liquids are specially formulated domestically within the United States made with both U.S. as well as ingredients from overseas.

The liquid is known best for the great taste and is offered in a variety of delicious flavors and varying nicotine strengths ranging from high to ZERO levels of nicotine. Here’s a dirty word when it comes to vaping: leakage. Leakage is typically a vape-kill (aka – buzz kill), but not with the Blu Cig’s specifically-made silicone tips, with the one-hole intake, assists in limiting the annoyances of leaking. No more unnecessary wasting of the e-liquid.

Don’t worry about having trouble finding these amazing e-cigs because Blu Cigs are now accessible through 100,000+ national retailers and stores, although, ordering online is usually the best option. UPS MAIL offers FREE shipping and UPS Ground offers FREE shipping on all orders equalling $100+. International orders should visit for proper directions and guidelines. Blu Cigs also offer a one-year warranty for ONLY domestic orders.

As if you haven’t heard enough, customer care is superb as they provide a 12-hour per day, toll free, hotline; live chat; email inquiry, etc.

Community support is additionally very impressive through their Blu Roots group which helps you fight for your freedom to smoke e-cigs. They also help inform vapers of such bans while allowing a platform for those who have a need to better this communication and outreach. Their site offers tons of resources about how you can participate in this crusade.

Blu Cigs seem to be the tux of all suit wear.

They have been written up in many publications such as Wall Street Journal and Market Watch about their involvement and support in prohibiting the sale or distribution of e-cigs to minors. We’re already on the right track in keeping a healthier lifestyle by even investigating the e-cig, so kudos to Blu Cigs for stepping up in keeping our children safe.

Keep Blu Cigs in mind as the holidays approach. Ash-less ash trays are among the many innovative accessories, so take advantage of any holiday savings and check them out now!

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