The electronic cigarette industry has a sea of different e-liquid flavors as well as a slew of ingredients they’re made from.

Some companies care very much as to where their ingredients are derived because they sincerely long to be a successful mainstay in the industry for years to come while others only use less than par ingredients as they’re only out for a quick buck. With that said, there are countless forms of e-liquid, also known as “smoke juice,” “vape liquid, “e-juice,” and so on. Each e-liquid is flavored to perfection. There really is just about every flavor imaginable if you include any and all companies around the world! We’ve done our research and have found top of the line companies who produce the right kind of e-liquid while using the healthier way of ingredients.

Most come from overseas and in this case are usually less expensive. Manufactures have the freedom to use inferior grades of Nicotine, Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. Such low-grade ingredients can result in a needless harm to e-cig users.

Some brands such as Halo Cig is turning to specific Pharmaceutical and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade ingredients.

The USP authorizes and sets the tone and states proper guidelines for prescription and over–the–counter medicines and other health care products (such as food ingredients and dietary supplements) that are manufactured or sold in the United States. These said guidelines, helped public health standards on an International level for almost 200 years, are also used in over 130 countries.

E-liquids are typically offered with varying amounts of nicotine levels, which must be greatly appreciated by the average consumer!

Not everyone wants even an iota of nicotine found in their e-liquid as opposed to others who have a need for more (or less, but still a variation of some kind).

An appropriate nicotine level comes on a very individual case by case basis, which is why the options are so crucial and beneficial.

This is a general guideline that most e-liquids are offered:
0 mg/ml: Contains no-nicotine
6 mg/ml: Similar to an Ultra-Light Cigarette
12 mg/ml: Similar to a Light Cigarette
18 mg/ml: Similar to a Full Cigarette
24 mg/ml: Similar to a Full/Unfiltered Cigarette

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