Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs pride themselves on providing high quality, American made products.

They have undergone great research, and development though a vast amount of testing and scientific innovation. They seem nothing short of determined to provide superior products and accessories for all things that have to do with electronic cigarettes. Their customers safety is of top priority which is why they use only quality materials. Their advanced “triton tank system” is the best looking e-cig on the market along with its advanced vaping performance. The G6 Halo e-cig is offered with “flame guard” — anti-burn filler technology; “infiglow” — enhanced battery life system; “thermoflow” — smooth flowing heated vapor. If you’re new to the e-cigarette exploration, you’re in good hands with Halo!


Halo smoke juice offers a variety of unique flavors — some of which include tobacco, menthol and special gourmet flavors.  Halo undergoes an analysis system in which all ingredients and materials must go through in order to ensure only the best is made up of their smoke juice and e-cigarette cartomizers. All formula ingredients Though, there are no FDA approved e-liquid, e-juice or smoke juice blends —  all ingredients that they are made up of are FDA and FEMA approved. Halo’s e-liquid sampler is a smart way to test a variety of their premium smoke juices without having to purchase a full bottles (30ml). Each Halo e-liquid sample pack contains six 7ml bottles.


From those weening themselves from nicotine to those who have never smoked a traditional cig, it’s crucial to have the options as to how much nicotine is in their chosen vaping device. In technical terms, the nicotine level determines its amount and strength in the vaping liquid (aka: smoke juice, vape juice, e-liquid).

HALO CIG POINT SYSTEM gives  you an easy way to earn FREE products and accessories

There are many ways to earn Halo points through their website, from purchasing products to sharing your Halo experience with others – whether it be via social networks (FaceBook, Twitter), talking with friends or writing reviews. Once approved, points are then earned in any of these ways and then simply added to your Halo account. It’s a super easy system and guarantees some great freebies! All of your points, and record of how they were earned, are all found in the ‘points and rewards’ section of your account. Peruse through their Rewards Catalog to see what items you are eligible to redeem…and enjoy placing your free items in your cart.

More good stuff — You will get FREE shipping for orders $75 and more! Order that receive free shipping are offered for domestic processing only. Right now- you can also get 15% off any accessory PLUS double order points. Coupon Code: CYBERSALE

The HALO team has proven customer care

Customer support is parallel to its product lines — innovative and efficient. They ensure a 14-hr per day available support phone system, email and online chat at the click of a button. This is by far one of the top e-cig providers. We, at ecigarettemate.com, highly rate Halo and feel confident that you would make a very happy customer if HALO became your chosen e-cig distributor!

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