Vape Mods

INTRODUCING…the top notch personal vaporizer of all vaping devices, THE VAPE MOD!

What the heck is a vape mods?! It’s the newer version of the electronic cigarette, often called mods or APVs (advanced personal vaporizer). The difference is they have increased nicotine-dispersing performance (that sounds good!), can house higher capacity batteries and come in all sorts of forms — usually metal tubes and boxes. Many electronic cigarettes are made up of standardized replaceable parts, but the vape mod is a new version of the e-cigarette because they’re the results of discarded flash lights or random metal tubes, MODified to fit an atomizer and vaporize liquid nicotine. This is why they’re referred to as “mods” because they have been modified from one use to a completely new one, known as the VAPE MOD (you’re supposed to hear intense music leading up to the words….vape mod to really get the full effect of these suckers!). You could say they are a product of upcycling. Upcycling is referred to when perfectly good materials are refurbished to produce an upgraded product. In the eyes of the recipient, it appears to be upgraded since that’s the product they’ve desired.

Why using vape mods?

The parts of your average vape mod are interchangeable from one brand to the other, which is highly economical and super convenient, while disposable devices combine all components into a single part that is discarded when its liquid has been used. Vape mods give you a choice of using a cartomizer, a clearomizer, a tank or an atomizer on top of the battery as its power source.

A vape mod is primarily designed for those who desire more control and vapor, and does not care about the size of their device. There is an abundance of pretty, dainty, delicate, all of which very discreet, e-cigs or vape pens on the market these days, but these guys — the vape mod, typically not dainty, is considered to be the most mighty hitter in the game.

The vape mod is the mac daddy of e-cigarettes. The Michael Jordan of basketball. The Nike of all sneakers. You get the point! Premium E-cigarettes carry a third party vape mod found on their website,

This vaporizer style, the vape mod, is available in a variety of options and also capable of producing the biggest clouds of vapor. This is a bonus for those who enjoy a big bang for your buck. The amount of vapor that personal vaporizers, also known as vape mods, generate can easily surpass any other electronic or tobacco cigarette. Many heavy smokers are attracted to vape mods because they offer a battery that lasts all day and can fit a large capacity tank on top. Most vape mods can carry variable voltage, which means the output of the battery can be adjusted up or down to provide the best temperature for any flavor. Speaking of flavors, offers many, one of which is WAFFLE (delicious!), as well as varying levels of nicotine – including ZERO mg as an option. The voltage range usually starts at 3.0 volts and can be increased by 0.1 volt all the way up to 6.0 volts. The lower the voltage, the lower the output of the battery. Simply said, the main advantage to using a vape mod is the power output control and the battery life. This feature adds a certain amount of significant control that the smaller systems simply aren’t capable of handling. Most vape mods allow the user to adjust the output of the voltage going to the heating element, check the battery levels, and see the resistance of the element coil in real time. The lower the resistance, the higher the temp of the element will be.

If you were not satisfied by any other electronic cigarette, a personal vaporizer (vape mod) may be what you are looking for. They are big and sometimes ugly, but most who use them will tell you they are worth the extra weight and effort.

A vape mod sounds like it could be comparable to Shrek. He’s big and ugly, but is way cooler than most others who happen to look nicer, smaller and put together prettier.

Due to the size and weight of the vape mod, many people use this style of vaporizer as their in-home e-cigarette and carry smaller, more compact e-cigarette while out of the house. If you do use it as your main e-cigarette, the battery often lasts all day, if not.

Are Ecigs Bad For You?

Have you ever wondered if E-cigarettes were bad for you?

If there were an easy way to quit smoking, the Marlboro man would no longer have any money to buy those cowboy boots of his. Then walked in the e-cig or vape pen…which is evidently not supposed to be marketed as the bridge in which gaps the stubborn withdrawal ensued by the dynamic duo – tobacco and nicotine.

According to an NBC news report this past Spring, the FDA “Food and Drug Administration” are threatening to regulate e-cigarettes, health experts question the harm in something that is beneficial for those wanting to quit smoking. Sure – vape pens deliver nicotine, which is offered by most brands in varying amounts including NONE at all, in a heated mist with three main ingredients — water, glycol, and propylene. Though the FDA wants to place restrictions on the compounds found in the vapor, it is true that e-cigarettes are safer than the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Many health experts agree that while long-term studies have not been released due to this very new and quickly thriving million dollar industry, e-cigarettes appear to be the much safer alternative to tobacco smoking. The e-cig was brought to the US from China as recently as in 2007, making it difficult to pinpoint the quality of the products as there are so many variations and brands on the market already. This may be a deterrent for some who got their hands on a less than par e-cigarettes as their first experience.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls tobacco “the single most preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States,” saying 443,000 people die from smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke each year.


Are ecigs bad for you? I mean — can it be worse than cigarettes?

Can you imagine the number of lives saved just by no longer, or at least inhibiting, having access to tobacco products? Hundreds of thousands per year! Fortunately, CVS took the proud opportunity in beginning this process.

Tobacco deaths, unfortunately, became very personal to two top CVS executives. CEO Larry Merlo’s father died of tobacco-related cancer at age 57 and the mother of CVS/Pharmacy President Helene Folkes died five years ago of lung cancer from smoking. After CVS announced they were to take cigarettes off their purchase counters beginning October 1st, they were overwhelmed with personal stories from customers who had quit smoking. Many said it was the “hardest thing they had ever done.” Meaning, this will help play a huge role in determining access to those who really need and want to quit. Selling tobacco began not to make sense for CVS as they prefer to play a bigger role in healthcare delivery. Selling cigarettes was certainly contradictory for them to say the least! So, more power to CVS for stepping up to the plate despite the financial hit this already has and will cause them. Hmm, I’m wondering if CVS will soon add e-cigs and their related items to their stores in lieu of the kicked-to-the-curb traditional tobacco cigarettes.


Most would agree that studies from the American Cancer Society are certainly noteworthy.

The director of science and trends, Thomas Glynn, at the American Cancer Society said there was a great likelihood that e-cigarettes would prove considerably less harmful than traditional cigarettes, at least in the short term. Okay — there is lots of research surrounding a variety of factors on whether the e-cig is better for you than the traditional cig. For one, you can choose a fluid that has nicotine, and the amount thereof, as an ingredient, which is still better than the leading cigarette. In addition, nicotine is found in products to help quit traditional cigarettes, such as patches and gum. This would lend a big hand when it comes to quitting through a more realistic weening process offering smaller amounts of nicotine, sans tobacco, seems reasonable and very effective.

Then, once your body loses the need for the nicotine as a whole, at least one can continue to assume the sensation, oral fixation, of smoking by physically holding the e-cigarette and exhaling the vapor exactly as you would when smoking the traditional cigarette.

Most vaping brands offer varying levels of nicotine among their exotic flavors. In fact, they are one of the brands who actually offer ZERO mg per flavor!

By continuing the ACT of smoking, it will far lessen the need to “light one up” again. This is the ultimate goal…a cleaner, longer, healthier life!