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that’s only one of very many comparisons between the V2 cig and a traditional cigarette! “Less expensive” means you will save roughly 50%-75% less on the V2 cig. Now that’s savings! You’ll be saving thousands of dollars by starting to smoke e-cigs as opposed to the traditional smokes, so start investing that money elsewhere.


The V2 e-cigarettes Ultimate Starter Kit comes in a intense box, dressed in their suave blue, grey and white stamp. It’s brawny with its magnetic clasp, typical to most e-cig packaging. This magnetic clasp keeps the lid at a secure closed even in the bumpiest of transits. It is perfectly labeled “Your Life. Version 2.0” next to their logo sitting right on top of the box. Inside the box lives the three batteries, which are sturdily cuddled in its space by a felt-covered plastic molded to its exact shape. Underneath is the variety of accessories neatly compartmentalized.

The e-cigarettes are all two-pieced much like the overall cartomizer style of cartridges shared throughout the e-cig industry. The “KR-808D1 threading” means that V2 Cigs intermingles with many brands. One of which is Vapor4Life. V2 cigs style of cigarette is not typical of the traditional look that most e-cigs resemble. Instead, they offer a debonair chrome, effervescent blue and black/white appearance. It has a durable construction and unique branding is shown off  on both the cartridges and the battery.

A fun, new wave, non-conventional addition to smoking is the LED tip which lights up with your every inhale. A super cool feature is one that prevents you from consuming too much nicotine at once causing the e-cig auto-shutting itself off when three lights blink just as you take a 10+ second drag. This would be a very rare occurrence as taking that long of an inhale is not typical, but one that is in place for simple protection. It’s a temporary shut off system, pretty much a warning that you’re inhaling at too long of a length of time causing potential health problems. I love that they thought of this!


The V2 cig, like most e-cigs, are smoke-free, ash-free, tar-free, carbon monoxide free, stink free and stain free. They offer a variety of nicotine levels per flavor — some as low as 0% nicotine! You will also be permitted to smoke these in public places unlike the traditional cigarette, so no need to “step outside for a smoke” or suffer through indoor events. It’s a way better alternative to the traditional cigarette by also providing nicotine that most smokers crave, but at much lower levels or even NONE at all. The brands that offer the zero percent nicotine level are all right in my book!

V2 and Zig-Zag™ Flavor Cartridges, Premium E-Liquid and Disposables are among the different types of categories that the flavor cartridges are offered. There are twenty plus plentiful vapor flavors to pick from and they are only available from V2 Cigs, unlike other brands which share their e-liquid manufacturing. V2 e-liquid is made up of a combination of nicotine and numerous food flavorings in a propylene glycol base, also often used in fog machines, asthma inhalers, food and toothpaste. Fruits, nuts and baked goods are also culminated to formulate V2s flavor ingredients.

V2 Cigs cartridge, Zero, Light (6mg), Medium (12mg), Full (18mg) and Strong (24mg) are the five options offered in nicotine levels. Ease your way from nicotine dependence by gradually weaning yourself off from a higher level to the lesser…maybe even hitting zero percent nicotine! No pressure as this is designed for your own customization and comfort level.


Who doesn’t want to help our environment? Not only for the sake of smoke and toxins permeating your lungs, air and innocent people around you who were’t looking for a smoke in the first place, but our landfills have been growing at a rapid pace due to cigarette butts.

The vapor is a thick, smokey cloud almost identical to the traditional cig!


E-cig batteries include V2 Shorty Cig, V2 Standard Cig, V2 Long Cig and V2 EX Battery. Another self-customizing feature — choose your favorite color, length and type of battery by picking from either clean white, strong stainless steel or brilliant blue. The estimated puffs per electronic cigarette battery is a feature that I have yet to come across with any other brand!

Overall on the V2

To say that v2cigs.com is a highly informative website is not doing it justice! The V2 cig website literally builds your entire starter kit for you as you choose your favorite colors, flavors, sizes and nicotine strength. There are combo deals specifically created for what would appear to be your interests, tastes and particular likings. Don’t miss out on the combo deals made specifically to improve upon your order at check out. V2 also offers a ship-time estimate for your products, so no more guess work on arrival time. They provide free domestic shipping on orders $50+. Also, offered is a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warrantee. V2 cigs also offers a rewards program called ‘vape4free’ where you earn points for subscribing to their newsletter, make purchases, give referrals and write a review.

Their site provides explanations and descriptions on how the V2 cig functions. There are also links to forums, blogs, facebook, twitter, pinterest and  youtube. V2 Cigs are so highly sought after that they now service North and South America, Eastern Asia, Australia, Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East, India, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

V2 cigs customer service is top of the line as it provides all viable avenues to connect with them if and when you have any questions.

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, V2 cigs are offering great holiday deals! Need a secret santa gift or stocking stuffer for someone you know that either still smokes the old school cig or has a newly piqued interest in e-cigs — check out their very reasonable, festive gifts (while offering a smarter alternative to smoking) or, better yet, TREAT YOURSELF! They even offer holiday flavors. Some of these holiday packages offered include super cool and practical carrying cases. V2 cigs will not only gift you a happy holidays, but a healthier one at that!

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