White Cloud E Cig Review.

On top of the world with White Cloud!

White Cloud has been a top distributor in the e-cig world since 2008.

When it comes to packaging…LESS IS MORE!

White Cloud Fling e-cigs are not fancy. There’s no need to be as their delivery proves solid and does not need to be covered up or distracted by elaborate packaging. They are individually wrapped in a small blue mylar bag for easy accessibility and view. White Cloud’s disposables are available in 19 flavors! They each have their own labeling system by color underside of the outer lay wrapping. The back offers general information, instructions, ingredients, and a very useful nicotine contents description — noting strength. The tip glows orange letting you know its working as you inhale.

A plethora of exotic flavors

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes offers the staple flavors, all of which made from ingredients found on American soil — such as tobacco and menthol. However, they also offer more than 20 other options, ranging from hearty espresso to the tropical taste of banana. To name a few more — they offer guava, vanilla, cherry and even clove for those old school smokers! They are constantly working on new flavors. White Cloud only uses superior ingredients to stir up their perfect splendor of their 20+ flavors. All of which cover 6 different nicotine strengths. White Cloud offers almost more than double the strength at 5.4% than most other brands. They stand by their legendary ClearDraw2 cartridges which hold 1mL of 100% e-liquid, American-made, for a more efficient inhalation than other well known brands.

Vaping it up

The beauty behind the white cloud is its puffy, white clouds (literally) created from the vapor mist giving their batteries the clever name, Cirrus, because the mist resembles those of the cirrus cloud. This cloud is the result of a full service vaping experience allowing you to catch a nicotine fix…or not. The nicotine levels range from Double, Extra Extra, Full, Light, Ultra-Light and Nicotine-Free.

Cirrus battery…the gift that keeps on giving

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes  offers three different versions of batteries, all of which come in a nice variety in sizes, styles, colors, charge time, and more. Get a Cirrus Starter Kit for everyday use which includes 3 battery sizes and 3 battery colors; 4 ash tip varieties; 5-pack of ClearDraw2 cartridges (any flavor and strength); 1 USB charger. While the Fling disposable e-cigs are perfect for when you are on the run…these include 20+ flavors and 6 nicotine strengths; long-lasting flavor and high vapor quality; and a 1-piece, maintenance-free design. Smoking is typically expensive and it’s most certainly not getting any less expensive as time passes, so you’re doing yourself a service by starting out with the White Cloud starter kits. Their disposable e-cigarettes allow you to use ClearDraw2 e-cig cartridges giving you more liquid, so it’s safe to start out on a low budget with White Cloud. You can get a disposable pack that include 5, 10, 25 or 100 e-cigs.


Stink much?…NO MORE! No need to get kicked outside for a smoke. Even better, no need to stink up the place after taking smoke. No more stink eye from the non-smokers with glares that can strike through you heart. Cut the sh…enanigans — NO more harsh chemicals while sustaining the smoking experience! What’s right for you…OPTIONS are always great! They even offer hip carrying cases and cool-looking skins.

Customer service, press talk and an unbeatable warranty serves their consumers at a level of royalty!

White Cloud has your average customer care program that offers a phone hotline 5 days a week from 9a – 5p as well as an email option. YahooFinance, PR Newswire and CNBC are just a few world-renowed news magazines that have praised White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes on more than one occasion. Check out their articles:

White Cloud is also a huge advocate for preventing underage purchases and identity fraud. This highly acclaimed company offers a 6-month warranty, and a full 30-day money back guarantee (shipping costs not included) from the date of purchase to validate what we already believe as this company to be one of the top-rated.

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